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fucking hell 1

by louis | Score: 4250

A child is born. It's the child from the prophecy. The mother dies upon giving birth and the father was long gone. It's the child of the Devil. Such a shame, really, a boy with such luscious golden hair and the sweetest baby blue eyes. He fits all the criteria for the "Devil Child", and if the monster isn't rid of as soon as possible, then all hell will reign on this Earth. Some say sharp horns grow out of him, some say that he'll have the power to strangle ten men, and that by the age of 16, the boy would have been a ruthless emperor. 

Yet, it was merely an infant. And so, the man tasked with the killing of this child, couldn't bear to do it, and left him in a boat with blankets and food, but with no destination to head. If the seas killed him, then it's not on his hands. And so, he pushed the small boat onto the river, and let the water carry it somewhere. 

The baby is saved by a man with crow-like wings, wearing a bucket hat, of all things. He does not know of this prophecy, but even if he did, he's not a cruel person to let an infant die just because of some stupid prophecy that's probably made up by old senile priests. He brings the boy home, and the first thing the boy grabs is a candy. Most specifically, Wilbur's candy. Oh, that boy will be pissed off for sure, but he thinks that once he sees this child he'll probably give him some more. And so with that, the crow man sleeps with an infant by his side, with tiny fists holding onto a candy wrapper.

Wilbur, his son, is a director, off living somewhere in the city. He's heard that he's slow and meticulous in his work, and even if his speed sometimes annoy his co-workers, they don't doubt his extraordinary talent to manage and direct a movie. Almost every film he has produced has gained some sort of award, and Wilbur isn't really a man known for his personal details, so everyone's left wondering where this talent came from. It would be a surprise, to say the least, if people were to find out that he was immortal, and his so called movies are all actual tales that he had recorded and noted down in his books decades ago. 

Wilbur is pretty sure some few historians and dedicated fans have spotted the resemblance of some of his movies to that of a part in history, but thank God for the flow of time that eventually muddles history into a vague form of what it once was that no one can really know what actually happened. Other than Wilbur, of course.

Of course, with such a talent and such fame, he was doomed to be watched. He just didn't know that the person who was watching him was actually looking for a particular golden boy. 

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