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Anomynousity Blinds

by - | Score: 1600

Civilization has come to an end. I, myself, cannot even remember the very occurrence that triggered this destructive force to enter into our land. I just know that it does not belong here. It's force, so strong, so blinding to all who come to meet it. Like a hidden light, only proving it's power to those who don't believe. Our banks, are no more. Our shelter, our shops, gone. All devoured by this... thing. We have nothing to hide behind, and no strength left in ourselves to get anywhere anymore. The money, scattered and found by those who fight to the death. Food, all claimed and hoarded by the people who used to be outcasts. Noises, and voices surround with no apparent source of where or who they came from. Or what. 
"Where'd you get that wound?" I heard a voice behind me ask. I turned, and found nothing. I heard nothing ever again 

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