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War of Seventeen

by Jayfeather | Score: 4850

The earth shakes as the grenade explodes. We all duck as bits of shrapnel fly in our direction. I motioned for my troupe to move. They nod and follow. My heart beats as we move closer to enemy base. I need to remind myself that my wife, a miserable woman, waits for me at home. She and my two children are what I'm fighting for. My wife lost her job after teaching our children to read and write. She isn't a teacher so it is forbidden. She cries now, always in her bed. My children are worried. Mujia, my oldest and only son, takes care of her and watches Tira. Tira loves to sing, and her voice is an angel's. She sings everywhere but not outside. We get yelled at if anyone sings in public. The problem is, she is blind. She can't tell where she is so we keep her locked inside. If she goes outside, the only way she'll know is if its windy. Another grenade blows us off our feet. The war has been going on for two months. I never realized how much damage a fork could cause. The king and queen were fighting over forks and then the war started. The king was careless and let the commoners choose a bodyguard. They chose a drunk one. Many have had ideas to stop the war, but all failed. Many gunshots and I see some of my men go down. Fortunately, it killed the king. The bodyguard killed him. The queen has kept the war going for excitement now.

Completed challenges

The following challenges were completed during the writing exercise:

Begin Start typing to begin
Event Something explodes
Prop Include a spice bottle
Letter Use the letter Y
Words Reach 50 words
Character A miserable fisherman/woman
Event Your character loses his/her job
Words Reach 100 words
Prop Include a soy sauce packet
Letter Use the letter T
Character A somber paramedic
Event Your character goes blind
Letter Use the letter O
Words Reach 200 words
Prop Include a fork
Character A drunk bodyguard
Event Someone has a world-changing idea

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