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by Crista | Score: 2600

Horatio was the first detective to arrive. He got out of his spaceship and put his moonray glasses on his nose. A spaceship was the only way to travel around these days. What with cars being what they are. Gas guzzling freaks.

Horatio ask his assistant to grab him a coffee. "How do you take it sir?"
With lots of sugar.

The body had been found floating in a pond behind the Becker's convenience store. Slim Jim wrappers floated with her. So did a plastic butter knife.

That was odd. said Horatio. You don't need a knife to eat a slim Jim do you?

All of a sudden a blast of light appeared followed by a loud explosion. The hot dog machine from the store shot through the roof and exploded into little bitty pieces in the sky. 

It must be Horatio's nemesis Weiner man. 

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