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Sacrifice and Tissue Boxes

by Jedi Ninja | Score: 3400

Adelaide looked up into Samuel's eyes, her own glassy with pain and the nearness of death. She breathed his name, with great struggle, and went limp in his arms, the poisoned blade still in her arm. Samuel gently laid her on the ground, regretfully leaving her there, but there was no time for a proper funeral. He would find her assassin, and he would kill him. But for now, he would ride. Far away from the grief.

Many hours later, Samuel was still upon his lathering horse. He had not spoken a single word in all the time he had been riding, and was not likely to do so. He breathed deeply, the freshness of his internal pain still overwhelming him. Adelaide had given up everything she had for this quest. Everything including her life. It was up to him to make sure that sacrifice was not in vain. He would find the Key, and he would restore it to the Lock. For Adelaide's sake he would set the world back in balance. But first, he would find the twisted killer.

Once he ridden to the the spot their last clue had sent them, a ring of ancient trees, overgrown with moss and ferns, he stopped for the night. Bringing  out a hard biscuit and some dried meat, he ate. No fires tonight. In the past he'd always shared a light hearted conversation with Adelaide, but that would be no more. Adelaide was gone. She was gone. It felt so surreal.

A loud crack woke him with a start, as he reached for his bow. He strung it and had it aimed in a second, and was trying to still his loud breathing. 
"I know your out there." He said boldly, however the effect was ruined when his voice quavered slightly. "I don't want to kill you but I will if I must. " 

The person staggered out of the trees, an elderly man with a long unkept beard and a lost look in his eyes. "Excuse me young sir, but do you have a tissue box with you? I'm in dir

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