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A place we could dance all night

by Anonymous | Score: 2550

Places you're probably not on a stormy night, where thunder crashes down and heavy cold drops of water splatter across the street is in a nightclub. 

You just generally aren't. But not him, not Baily Jackson. More formally known as Mx. Jackson. A lovely person who just happens to be the bartender at a nightclub. 

But they were there. Doing their job. Making drinks for already tipsy men ogling the ladies. Including, their girlfriend. 

Which honestly, wasn't the issue. Baily was very proud of their girlfriend. She was the breadwinner and got that bag. 

In a world of objectifying women, you might as well take advantage of it. 

The wardrobe that was in their guest room was filled with clothes solely for their jobs. And Baily had to say, they took up way less than half of it. 

Most of the clothes, outfits for their girlfriend. It was really cute, to be honest. And they got to watch her doing her best out on the floor. 

The pole in their guest room did no justice to the neon lights that flashed in the nightclub. Or the beautiful make-up and gemstones that lined her chest. 

The smell of sweat and perfume was always in the club and always lingered along in their clothes.  It would never leave and was always there. 

No matter what you do, it always lingered. Just faintly. They had long ago accepted and got used to it, but sometimes people liked to point it out. 

Baily thought about when they'd first met as they made a new drink. 

It had been on a warm summer night and Baily had been new to the job. It wasn't their first gig with barteding obivously. But this pl

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