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"Tommy." It was a warning. "What are you doing?"

He whimpered not meeting his eyes. "I- I was just playing!" Scrambling for an excuse as he dug into the soft plush.

"Who said you could play that game?" Another whimper as tears made his already lust-blown eyes glassy.

Wilbur closed the distance between them, towering over the quivering boy. Tommy flinched back as a hand curled around his chin. Wil inspected his face, dark red from shame. There were tear tracks down his face probably from before he was discovered. He tuts disapprovingly.

"I thought you were a good boy?" The condescention drips from his voice. Smile playing on his lips as he watched Tommy's face morph into an expression of absolute horror.

Trailing his eyes down he can't deny it was a pretty sight. Tommy was completely naked, save for a collar, straddling one of his plushies, thighs were absolutely coated in his slick. Shining so prettily on pale, unmarked skin. A dark flush covered his body.

Wilbur pursed his lips, "If you're gonna be like this maybe I should just leave you." Letting his hand drop to his side as he turned. There was no way he'd actually leave Tommy like this, not that the young boy knew.

"Wait!" A small hand wrapped around his wrist. He paused. "Please, I'm sorry you can punish me. I- I didn't mean to Wilby please don't leave me." Tommy choked on his panicked words. It was adorable.

"You didn't mean to?" The dark tone made him flinch back again, tearing away the hand that grasped the other's wrist. Wilbur harshly grabbed Tommy's hair, yanking him forward off of the bed. He pulls him forward and out of the room ignoring the cries of pain.

They both know what's gonna happen next.

It was a quick walk. Wilbur didn't bother to speak or loosen his hold. Tommy didn't complain outside of the occasional hiccup and whimper.

He huffed as he let the other go to pull out his key. Quickly ushering them both inside. It was empty aside for some chests in the corner and a mattress in the middle. No windows or other entrances aside from the door. They used this room for punishments.

Wilbur grabbed his arm, shoving him onto the mattress. "You know why you're being punished, right?" He stood tall, glaring down at Tommy who quickly nodded not meeting his eyes. "Look at me when I'm talking to you."

Instantly two bright blue eyes were faced up, staring at him. Wilbur crouched down. He shoved a hand between Tommy's legs smirking at the way he spread them without protest. 

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