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ghost child & a not so mentally sound wo

by yiroink | Score: 3300

The force of the surprise was aching, she slammed her back against the hard, dark-brown wooden table behind her when she fell. Her breathing came rushing out of her mouth, shuddering against the air particle's quiet dance, she couldn't believe what she was seeing. It had been only an hour since her last meeting, she had fired someone, someone who didn't add anything beneficial to the company, someone she thought was only wasting space in it. She didn't have the time to change out of her long, black dress. What she saw was something... semi-transparent, yet small. Their lower body curled into a long, pillow-looking scribble that meshed with the air's transparency. They had big eyes, surreal, sorrowful, ones that she'd never seen before in the entire span of her life. 
A soft, breathy, feminine childlike voice came spurring through her ears. "Candy...?"
The semi-transparent figure pointed at something on her coffee-table, the woman's head darted towards the direction her finger leaned to, it was a candy wrapped in golden foil. She knew what candy it was, she loved that candy. It was a great brand that she'd always bought her candies from, not at all healthy unlike what her therapist would usually recommend to her, her therapist was so enthusiastic, she loved being in the presence of them, they always recommended a better diet to help with her mental state, but it was hard to resist the candies she loved so much. 

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Words Reach 50 words
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Character An unpleasant business consultant
Event Your character sees a ghost
Letter Use the letter E
Event Winter is long and extremely cold
Prop Include a candy wrapper
Letter Use the letter A
Words Reach 200 words
Character An ambitious occupational therapist

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