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The 10 minute story 1

by Usama Hassan | Score: 1700

Aunt Aliza said "Hey Jeff did you find any lead?".  Jeff is Aliza's older brother who worked as a police in the city central police station. "Diaz found some finger prints on the vine glass. W might find a lead soon" Jeff said, He felt tired because he hasn't slept in days, He was busy in the murder case of his uncle Jack.  

The murder happed four days ago, and there is something mysterious about the case that needs to be answered, the murder needs to be solved as soon as possible.

Jeff left the apartment, as he was leaving he too his coat from the coat hanger, but Aliza's skiing jacked fell down. There is something wrong with this, as the jacket Aliza went straight to it, like .there is something that she wants to hide from jack. But jack ignored and left.

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