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dreamland excerpt 2

by jojo | Score: 3850

Eléna gasped as she woke up with a start. All she remembered was falling asleep while studying, and now she wasn't quite sure where she was.  She was at the entrance of a forest of some sorts, yet she didn't recognize it as any of the trails around where she lived.  

She didn't know where she was, but all she knew was that this place was absolutely gorgeous. Luscious grass surrounded her, a quaint dirt pathway that twisted its way into the forest, and the sky. Oh the sky. A beautiful blue that stretched out endlessly in all directions. Clouds that looked silkier then anything, she was sure no bottle of lotion could ever make her skin that smooth. There was also a river that passed through, dotted with rocks and moss and other greenery.  She realized that she was sitting in the middle of the path, still wearing the exact same clothes as she was while studying. She stood up and brushed herself off when she heard a noise, as if someone was coming. And someone was. 

It- no he was huge. Eléna estimated he was about as wide as she would be if she fully stuck out her arms. He had a mane of red hair, some sort of viking-like helmet, and a beard that was just as full as a bush would be. He was wearing what looked like chainmail armor and was large enough that he sort of waddled when he walked. If this was any other occasion, she would have found it funny but this person had a huge axe strapped to his back, as well as a bow and a full set of arrows. He looked like a warden of some sort, and she did not want to make contact with him, considering the ugly and grumpy look on his face. She looked around frantically, looking for somewhere to hide but her attempts coming out fruitless. Until she remembered the forest. Well, as scary as it looked, she didn't have many choices, and that warden was coming a bit too quickly for comfort. She scrambled down the path and immediately made her way into the forest, breaking into a slight jog. 

A couple of yards in, she realized that, though it looked eerie on the outside, it was quite beautiful on the in. It looked positively magical. It was like a scene from a story. Fairy lights hung from tree to tree, moths and other creatures dancing around, woodland creatures scurrying about. She looked around in awe. She wondered if this was a dream.  Was it a dream? It was simply too magical to be reality, and she did have no method of getting here in the first place.  Instinctively, she pinched herself but then remembered reading somewhere that one could easily imagine them pinching themself in their dream instead of actually doing it to wake them up. 

She hummed a familiar tune her mother used to sing her when she was a child as she continued down the path, having slowed to a walk. Yet she still couldn't shake this feeling off of her. Like she was being watched, or something terrible was about to happen. Just as she was contemplating this, she heard a series of rather loud rustles coming closer and closer. She jumped slightly and immediately started observing her surroundings, trying to figure out the source of the commotion.  Thats when she saw him. The warden from earlier. 
Ah. This must be bad, isn't it? 

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Event Your character wakes up with a start
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