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Star Wars: Clone Wars 1

by Beffs | Score: 3200

"... what do you mean, the lights are on?"

She was panicking, and who wouldn't?  She remembered the impact, the gut-wrenching terror as the Celestial Dawn shivered like a wet tooka, and the force of being thrown against her impact restraints.

Then nothing.

And now, she felt the solidity of the gurney beneath her, the inherent chill of medbay, could smell the acrid burn of antiseptics... but the bright fluorescent lights of medbay just... weren't there.

And that scared her.  

"... I can't see anything..."  The vwords were torn from her, words she didn't want to say.  Saying them made them true, made them real.

She didn't want to them to be real.

The medic was cursing emphatically.  "You had a bit of a concussion, but nothing that should impact vision, Commander," he snapped, and in her mind, she could see the medic, could see Jango Fett's, face twisting.  "We don't have any bacta, and no equipment until we make the RV point."

Her fingers were dug into the thin sheet, the scratchy fabric helping her ground and center, to escape her rising panic.  

The medic saw, he wasn't dumb.  He might only be a handful of years old, in terms of chronological age, but battlefields prematurely aged.

A calloused hand stretched out before pausing.  "Commander, I'm going to touch your hand.  Is that ok?"

He didn't wait for the sharp dip of her chin, wrapping his larger hand around hers and straightening her fingers out carefully.  His thumb traced circles over the back of her hand, being careful of where the IV line pierced the papery skin.  

"... stay?"  Her voice was smaller than before, her face pinched.  

The sirens that had been going off since the carrier had skimmed the top of the atmosphere finally went silent, the klaxon finally stopping its grating on the edges of his senses.  He couldn't help the soft, small smile

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