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Cold Clover

by L. Samhain | Score: 3550

It was a surreal experience for her, staring at the cold, lifeless form of her mother - who just the night previous she'd hugged and exchanged affections with before getting rest for the day ahead.

Now, her plans had been totally uprooted and she had to spend some time processing to allow the shock to pass and grief to start proper.

She decides to start looking for chores to occupy her, finding the old feather duster and sweeping it along the tops of door-frames , along window-sills and over anything that seemed untouched for long periods of time (Though most things were used in their quaint little home).

It wasn't until her aunt came to the house that she felt the weight of reality hit her and she was quite glad it hadn't happened when she was alone, lest she were unable to cope. The earthy mixture of herbs and flowers mingled on her aunt's clothes from her many brewed potions and tinctures, and in that moment of weakness she found solace in the familiarity of it.

Once the immediate pain had passed, she sat quietly at the kitchen table,  a mug of tea keeping her fingers cold in the autumn temperatures seeping through the walls, looking to the top of the teapot at the bow adorned cozy keeping it nice and hot so they could finish it in their own time.

Neither woman knew where to go from there, losing someone so dear to them and only being able to find solace in each other, their little family now that much smaller in the absence of her mother and her aunt's sister.

Her aunt then offers for her to spend some time in her home, a little ways out of town and tucked into the wilderness to allow some privacy and focus. She thanked her aunt, but knew she couldn't acce

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Begin Start typing to begin
Event Someone passes away
Words Reach 50 words
Letter Use the letter S
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Prop Include a feather duster
Character A diligent aromatherapist
Words Reach 200 words
Prop Include a bow
Letter Use the letter A
Words Reach 300 words

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