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Elizabeth And The Invation

by Ava Kramer | Score: 3600

Chapter One: Morning
Elezabeth slamed the stop button on her alarm. "Ugh...I don't wanna get up..." She gogoly sat up in her bed. "Honey! Get ready! You have to go to School!" Her mom yelled. "GOING!" She yelled back. "Stupid mornings..." She got up. "Stupid school...Stupid mornings..." She opened her laptop. "Crap i forgot to do my homwork!" She went onto her school website. The intro was the screen exploding then a voice saying: "Welcome to learning!" Her asinment was to watch a video about an astronamer. Elezabeth logged on and plugged in her ear buds. The astronimer was so loud, She had to turn the volume down to five. "Okay, now i need to write down what i learned..." Elezabeth opened a new document and started to type. "GET GOING!~" Her mom yelled. "YEP!" Elezabeth grabbed her keychain. "OKAY COMING!" She ran  down the stairs and outside. "Bye mom!" She  looked at the sky. A weird sauser thing was flying around. "Huh." She continued to walk to school, looking through store windows. A spice bottle sat infront of the window. "Please don't let me be late..." She started to run now, racing down the streets. "Sorry! Exsuse me! Sorry!" She pushed through the people that were standing in a crowd.

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