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Casual day is Leaf stripe's life

by Anonymous | Score: 1650

Leaf stripe padded through her camp, watching the coughing elders as she passed the elder's den. Her friend Jay fern was waiting for her by the medicine den. She greeted him with a wave of her tail. She and Jay Fern walked to the entrance of the camp and headed out. They chased after squirrels and mice all day, laughing and smiling at each other the whole time. They brought back SO much prey that they needed to go three times back and forth to bring all of it. Leaf stripe and Jay fern were the best of friends since they were kits. They were born only a couple of days apart. She was older, of course. Her father, Owl Star watched her drop her prey with disapproving eyes- again. He never liked whatever she did, he says it's childish and that she's acting like an apprentice. The deputy, Ash leg, was sitting next to him, grinning at her and waving his tail. She quite liked Ash leg, a charming tom with a handsome face. She and Jay Fern went back to the warrior's den, giggling as they laid down, exhausted. They smiled at each other before Leaf stripe set her head down. The next day Leaf stripe went to the medicine den and greeted Daisy face, asking her if she needed any help.  Daisy face said she didn't need help, even though Leaf stripe knew she was struggling with the white cough spreading throughout camp. Daisy face hadn't taken an apprentice yet, though she needs one desperately.  Maybe Long foot's kits will grow up and become her apprentice, Leaf stripe thought. Pool kit was very excited when Daisy face went out to go get herbs, Leaf stripe hoped he would get the role

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