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The ace

by Anonymous | Score: 3050

They say when you meet your soulmate, the world stops. There are tales of breath being stolen; of colors bursting into your visions - ones you could not have fathomed before even existed.

When Matthew meets his soulmate, his ears ring. The sound is so sudden and sharp that it slams into him full force; knocks his breath from his chest. He sees it on them too - the shock on their face; the way their hands fly to their ears. Their sword clattering to the ground. 

When Matthew meets his soulmate, he is not given beauty. He is not gifted the blessing of the feeling of being complete, nor the hope of a future together.

When Matthew meets his soulmate, he is stolen of - of -

Birds chirping. The sound of his mother humming as she carves little rocking horses. The bubble of his best friend's new spell simmering in the cauldron. His dog's barks of greeting when he returns home. Of the satisfying ring of metal as he parries a sword effortlessly.

Of life. Of hope. Matthew meets his soulmate - locks eyes with him in the remnants of the burning castle foyer, covered in blood of the royal family and singed from the flames that lick closely by - and feels his world shatter.

His soulmate looks at him with nothing but - despair. The same that settles deep in Matthew's lungs; burrows in deep, roots down down down past the heels of his feet and into the earth never to be moved again. His soulmate opens his mouth, but Matthew can hear nothing. Despite the silence, Matthew can read the words leaving his lips easy enough - small, quiet, sad: "Why?"

And then the crown prince is tackled to the ground by Lucille; wrestled to position with his stomach on the ground and his hands behind his back. His hands are tied quickly; efficiently. James moves over to Matthew; grin bright between the flames and the falling soldiers and Matthew's heart on the floor. He claps Matthew on the shoulder; says something he can't hear.

There's a playing card in his hand - an ace. A job well done. But Matthew can't hear. He can't hear. He can't he

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