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World Peace

by Reilly Stormblessed | Score: 1600

Finally, finally, it had been done, world peace had been achieved.

Despite the fact that many places in the world had been reduced to barren deserts by war, and ignoring all the deaths, world peace had been achieved.

People danced in the streets, one carrying a boombox, another clanging symbols together, and even another playing a ukulele. They were enjoying the peace for now, even if it might not last long.

A firefighter paraded the streets with several other people, he saw a fire, but just thought "I'll deal with you later, it's not worth the trouble."

A brother and sister played in their front yard, watching the fireworks, they were playing tic-tac-toe, the brother lost, but the sister just said "I'm sorry," as peace was finally achieved and no one wanted to waste it, not even children.

A programmer sat in his chair, smiling and moving his mouse over the mouse pad, no hackers today, that was relieving.

People walked across the border, both ways, and even though the immigration officer wasn't too pleased, he couldn't help but feel satisfaction at what had been accomplished.

A family is sitting down for breakfast at a restaurant in what used to be the "bad part" of town, now it was safe as anything.

A teacher stood in front of a classroom, teaching. "Repeat after me," she said, "Equality."

An elderly couple sat together with tears in their eyes, having seen the announcement on TV, they left their jigsaw puzzle unfinished, forgotten.

Finally, a mailman who didn't have to fear being robbed again

world peace.

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