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by Capring | Score: 1250

It wasn't funny. You knew it wasn't funny. No one else thought it was funny. This wasn't a 'funny' situation.

Her body was sprawled on the pavement, bruised, battered, bleeding and crippled. And it was all your fault. You were texting while you were driving, you hadn't noticed that you were zooming along way past the speed limit, and you definitely hadn't noticed the young lady crossing the street. This result, this mortifying scene. The scene that made incredulous laughter bubble up inside you. The scene that made it come spilling out.

You doubled over, chortling in that concerning, slightly crazed manner that drew stares from every side and bystander. But you couldn't stop, even if you wanted to.

And you didn't want to.

Otherwise, you wouldn't laugh.

You'd scream.

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