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The Endless Night

by Vellichor | Score: 3750

The sky darkened. Night fell, but it was clear to all that this was no natural occurrence. The stars did not twinkle and glimmer like they should have; the moon did not glow softly as it was supposed to. Still though, the form of a large ship, sluicing through the water, cut across the inky black waves, desperate to reach home, lost at sea.

The other crew members were gone, the ship was devoid of hope. Only one was left. A young sailor, clinging to a vague hop of reaching the shores. If she could make it home, then she'd be safe, surely.

Time passed, impossible to keep track of in the endless night. The air grew cold, the night stretching on. It had been winter when the ship had left harbor, but it was impossible to tell if it was still winter or not.

The ship soon enough crashed ashore, the single remaining sailor clinging desperately to debris as they ground ashore.

She lay in the sound for a long period of time, unable to see much of anything in the miserable night. But when something slid across her face, she shrieked, sitting up. The mysterious thing fell onto her lap. She tried to jump up and bat it off, but the softness of the creature surprised her. It was...a baby turtle? 

She scooped it up, following the sound of the waves to make her way through the darkness and set it at the edge of the waves. Poor things, they probably could not tell how to get to the sea without the light.

She still had no idea where all her fellow crew members had gone; they'd seemed to vanish, one by one, as the darkness had rolled in.

Perhaps if she could find someone else, maybe she'd get some answers.

She made her way across the beach-or so she hoped. It was hard to see more than what was immediately in front of her. She was careful to step down lightly, hoping not to hurt that baby turtle's siblings.

She tripped over a rock, wincing as it sliced her knee. Pressing her hand to her shin, she felt the telltale wetness of blood. Thankfully, it didn't seem to be too much though, so she wiped her hand on her pants and continued on.

The terrain seemed to be changing; the ground was more bumpy, and did

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Character An ambitious sailor
Event Winter is long and extremely cold
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Prop Include a turtle
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