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The Abnormal Ones

by Anonymous | Score: 4900

In the middle of the night, an Asian family that consists of a middle-aged man, a woman in her early thirties, and two girls, one who is seventeen and the other who is twelve, are prepare for what will be the night that will change their lives for good. 

"Are you sure about this, honey", the woman asked, unsure about that was happening. 

The man takes a deep breath. "It's the only way", he said as he looked down in sadness.

The woman quickly gave him long embrace and the man could only return it. "I love you Lucas", the woman said.

"I love you too, Hilary", Lucas replied. "Now take the girls and go. They'll come any minute now."

Hilary lets go of her husband and hurries out of the room with the teenage girl coming after. The younger child stood and looked at her father's saddened expression. She quickly ran and gave her dad one last hug.

"I don't want to go without you, dad", she cried as she clings onto him and tears fell from her eyes.

"You have to, Roxy", Lucas said. "I have to do this for you guys."

"Roxanne", the teenager yelled from across the hallway. "The Task Force are on their way!"

Roxanne lets go of her father and looked up to see him one last time.

"Bye Dad", she said, timidly. "I love you."

"It's not goodbye", Lucas said with a smile. "It's more like see you later. Now I suggest you go with your mom and sister, okay?"

Roxanne smiled a bit and nodded.

"Roxanne", the teenage girl yelled. "Come one! We don't have time!"

Roxanne ran towards the hallway as she looked back at her father. Suddenly, an alarm rang out loud and everything went dark.


The alarm blared its loud noise and Roxanne slowly wakes from her slumber as she becomes irritated and tired. She turned to see that the hologram read 'September 6, 2025' as she hits the snooze button.

"Ugh", she groaned. "That damn dream again."

She slowly got up from her bed and headed to her wardrobe. She quickly changed into her favorite outfit, a large gray sweater with red undershirt, blue denim jeans and Converse sneakers.

"Roxy", a voice called out. "Time for breakfast!"

"Coming", Roxanne said as she headed to towards the kitchen.

She quickly grabbed a muffin from the counter. She turned to see a woman whose black hair is in a tight bun. She was wearing a cream blouse with her name tag and black slacks.

"Good morning, Roxy", the woman said. "I see you chose a muffin for breakfast."

"Well, I can't be late for school, mom", she said as she took a bite out of the muffin.

"I'm honestly glad that this school take you in the very last minute", her mother said, concerned. "I hope that what happened at the last school won't happen here."

"What time is it", Roxanne said as she finishes her muffin. 

"It's 7:45", her mother said as she checks her watch.

"Crap, I gotta go catch the bus", Roxanne said as she grabbed her backpack. She quickly kisses her mother in the cheek before heading out the door. "Love you, mom."


As Roxanne got off the bus, she was greeted with a large scale building with windows that were caged. She turned to see a standard sign that read 'Redwood High School' with an image of a stallion on the side. It said 'Broncos Vs. Bulldogs-Sat. September 20'. 

Roxanne took a deep breath. "Here goes nothing", she quietly said. "Hopefully, I won't make the same mistake again."

As she entered the school, the hallways was empty with the exception with one person. A short tan girl with emerald green eyes and chestnut brown hair. She was wearing thick-framed glasses, a navy blue hoodie, and matching beanie hat. She was just closing her locker when Roxanne approached her.

"Um....excuse me", she said, nervously.

The girl turned to see Roxanne and jumped a little.

"Holy Moly", she said, sarcastically. "We have a new girl. But anyways what do you want? I'm already late for for class as it is."

"Do you know where the principal's office is?", Roxanne asked.

"Why didn't you say so", the girl replied. "Go straight down the hallway and turn left. You won't miss it? Just don't cross paths with The Beast."

"What beast", Roxanne asked. 

"Look", the annoyed girl said. "I don't normally to anyone other than my close circle. Now let me get to class and beware of The Beast."

As she backs away and looked at Roxanne and loudly said, "Beware of The Beast!"

'Really', Roxanne thought as she rolled her eyes. 'The Beast?'

After a few minutes of exploring, Roxanne found a door with a metal plaque that read 'Principal Johnson'. Roxanne sighed and knocked on the door. She heard a voice that said, "Come in."

As Roxanne entered the room, she sees an elderly woman who is her desk as she is signing a few papers. She was wearing casual clothes anyone like her would wear, although it is not a professional look. The woman looked up and greeted her with a smile.

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