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Hogwarts Magic Story: King Henry V Wand

by Malik S. Mayfield | Score: 1250

Hogwarts Fantasy Story (my version, not accurate to Harry Potter version) Tale of Methuselah's Wand 

Long ago in time, there was a magical world, and in that magical world laid a giant magical city called Hogwarts. A King lived in Hogwarts up in his castle, and all the townspeople called it "Hogwarts Castle." It was truly a huge castle with over 100 rooms, 10 dungeons, 25 treasure rooms and vaults filled with treasures of your wildest dreams, but the King was deep down, sad and bored. He had all the gold, all the weapons, and all the magic, but then King said one day "I want a magic wand so powerful that I'll be able to defeat any army in this world," and that's exactly what he did. The King sent out his troops, one by one. He went to the castle courtyard which was about 1 football field wide and 2 football fields long, and he addressed his group of soldiers that he wanted the most powerful wand created in wand history. The King's army consisted of 1.5 million soldiers

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