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Random Fic 1: Apollo Deus

by Ricky Kingoffankids | Score: 7550

It's one of those summer days, or nights, rather -- one of the ones where it's hot even after the sun goes down, where it's hot long after it should be, in everybody's humble opinion -- and Apollo Deus isn't at home.
It's not like he's alone, he thinks to himself as if to justify his actions as he tags along behind his older triplet siblings. Butch, Cassidy, and Sundance don't really care if he follows them or not, despite his age, as long as he doesn't get in their way (he doesn't plan on it). Apollo's more or less only using the three of them as a shield, insurance almost. That way, when he inevitably does return home, he can at least say 'well, I was with the older ones, so it's not like I was by myself.'
His parents are really too paranoid sometimes, he thinks. Especially Valor. The downtown metropolitan area beyond the gated manor the family lives on isn't that wild or dangerous, he knows that much. He's done the research, too; it's one of the safest in the country, actually, and just because none of his fathers are interested in learning about the culture of the humans who live nearby doesn't mean he has to share the same sentiment.
Humans are pretty interesting, too, once you get to know about them, and there's plenty of cool places in the city to visit or even just go by. For example, on one corner, there's a coffee shop that sells ridiculously overpriced coffee (it's not bad coffee at least, but not worth what they charge for it) as well as pretty little mugs (also horribly overpriced), one of which Apollo borrowed without intent to return and gave to his father Esidisi. He still has it, even though it's pretty much never used for coffee unless his other father, Valor, is using it. On the same corner as the coffee shop, there is a homeless shelter that's always open, as most usually are, and unlike many homeless shelters in most big cities, it's not (thankfully) run by the Salvation Army, and is instead owned by a single family who have lived in this area since before there was a city here. When the city brought the homeless here, the family has explained, they opened the shelter in order to help.
Apollo thinks it's kind of a nice story. The only one of his fathers to share the sentiment, as per usual, is Valor. Kars and Esidisi could care less about whatever "useless anecdotes" make humans feel good.
(But Apollo is certainly not a human, and it makes him feel good, so where does that leave them, exactly?)
Finally coming out of the fog of his thoughts, Apollo starts paying attention to the idle conversation between his older triplet siblings, as he usually does when he follows them into the city. It's also more interesting than being trapped in his own thoughts, admittedly, because there's always some drama going on between the three of them, and it's fun to listen to them bicker over something that will, inevitably, be forgotten within the next half hour.
"You're an idiot," Butch is saying, jabbing her finger into Sundance's side. The Pillar Witch just snickers and twitches her long, round tail back and forth (the feline tail and ears are Sundance's favorite parts of themselves, because no one else in the family has them, and they're the result of very strange circumstances surrounding their actual conception, which Apollo has been told he's too young to know about so he doesn't bother asking). "You'd have to find the dumbest jeweler in the world if you wanted to pull something like that off."
"Well then I'll find the dumbest jeweler in the world, don't underestimate me, sis," Sundance continues to giggle, now wiggling their ears in a peculiar way. Apparently, Butch doesn't like whatever it is they're doing, because she lets out an unhappy hiss of air from between her teeth when they do it. "Whaddaya think, Cass? Think I could find a jeweler to unknowingly cut me a wedding ring diamond in the shape of a -"
"I think you shouldn't say the next word because there's an eleven year old with us," Cassidy says before Sundance finishes speaking.
Sundance rolls their eyes. "You're no fun."
"I am the family's fun ruiner. That's my official title."
"Fair enough." Sundance looks over their shoulder at Apollo, who hasn't said a word since they left the manor. "You doin' okay little buddy?"
Apollo looks out across the street and shrugs. "I'm fine. But somewhere nearby, a bank robbery is in progress. I know that because once I started listening to you guys, I heard sirens going off in the direction of the bank, and now that we're moving closer, I can see that there's cop cars heading that way, and some of the streets are closed off. And those streets just so happen to be ones leading to the bank."
"Little smart ass," Butch sighs. "Too smart for your own good. I guess we'll just work our way around it, then. Getting involved probably wouldn't hurt us, but I'm not too keen on getting caught up in some weird scheme or something and end up with more trouble than we started with."
"Yeah, and Daddy Dearest would be oh so very upset if we put his little boy in danger," Sundance says, mockingly (though, notably, not mocking Apollo himself), folding their hands under their chin and rolling their eyes for emphasis.
Apollo grimaces. He knows full well that Kars has a bias towards him, being the youngest and also one out of the only two full-blooded Pillar Kids who is a boy, but that doesn't mean he has any part in it, wants anything to do with it, or enjoys it, not even a little bit. Quite the opposite, really.
The divide between himself and his father is deep and wide, and Apollo would like for it to stay that way, actually. Seeking out a relationship with Kars is the lowest bullet point on his priority list.
"Don't make that face too long," Cassidy says. "You'll get stuck that way."
Apollo wrinkles his nose in response, but do

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