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私の貴重な幽霊(My precious ghost)

by Ayumu Kuroda | Score: 1050

A fine breeze slipped past Tomoya as she painted. By the opened window of the classroom, a bird is chirping lightly and gleefully eating from the little plate that was handed to him earlier.
- It seems to your liking said Tomoya smiling, as her paintbrush conjured up vivid strokes of the small animal. 
- Ten laps around the training ground! shouted a loud baritone voice.
Tomoya peeked outside the window, when her little head suddenly got slapped back in the classroom.
- Still alone. And yet you continue to yearn for which has been denied to you.
- Ouch Tomoya screams, clutching her stinging forehead. 
- X. Tomoya exclaims in a stern voice. Up to your antics again

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Prop Include a paintbrush
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