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Love U Zindagi

by SK | Score: 1600

Snehal Kharkar is hard worker & smart worker too let's connect for some work I am feeling bored after much of stressed work not able to find any solution.lets take some break on work would like to visit some social networking sites meet my best buddies of life have long chat time do some mischievous things go for music classes dance for while do some yoga work go to gym manage my things let's begin with window shopping 🛒 🛍️ buy 👟 for gym hey my chklist is very big but I forgot I am mom now how will I do all these things it's challenging time let's divide things in different manner compose focus believe my baby need my time too he is too small he need my extra time wan move him a lot talk with him make him grow make him to grow faster & love love love all time hey but I forgot my husband too need my time he is feeling ignored just like pet 🐶 am using him what to do se special what too do would like to recommend some small thing  but best cloths for him hav some candle light dinner go for movie chat on some older memories sing song along with him go out on weekend celebrate together...

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