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BSD FW 1 - Good Life pt 4

by kingoffankids | Score: 2000

"You're up awful early on a Sunday," Margaret says, moving her free hand to cup her palm around Nathaniel's jaw, holding his face in her hand effectively. "It's not fair, you always wake up and look so handsome. How do you do that?"

Though her tone is mostly teasing, Nathaniel blinks a few times, then gives a little half-smile. "You are always beautiful to me, though. In the morning or evening, your beauty doesn't wane, even when your hair is tangled. I could never say I truly loved you if my attraction was so fleeting and only came after noon."

Margaret laughs at that. It sounds like the church bells, just like the ones that echoed so wonderfully after their wedding. The same shade of pink paints both lovers' cheeks, albeit for different reasons at the moment, though both from the same source: to put it in the simplest of terms, they are in love with each other, like the kind of love Margaret used to read about in her young teen novels all those years ago as a lonely girl in a tiny South Carolina town with no hope of ever leaving it, or the kind of love Nathaniel once thought only the most divine of angels, prophets, and God himself could have for someone.

It's nice to be wrong, sometimes.

"I think you're unfairly biased," Margaret says shortly after, tilting her head down a little further to press her lips to Nathaniel's for a split second.

Her husband responds with a soft hum, reaches up to pull her back down to give her another kiss, longer this time to satisfy him

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