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by Lucy | Score: 5650

One day a girl named Sally had a world-changing idea. I'm not going to tell you what it was, though, because I don't know myself. I know; it's strange. I mean, I'm the one telling her story. But she never told anyone her idea, not even me! She didn't even tell her keychain. I mean like, who doesn't tell their keychain everything that's going on in their life? I know I certainly do. She was an inventor, so I assume her idea was something to do with that. Then suddenly, she got a package. She opened it and found that it had a gigantic jelly bean in it!!! She was so surprised, but she ate it anyway. Then she got a letter saying that a family friend had killed her father, so she went and killed the friend, assisted by her adventurous bodyguard. His name was Jimmy John, and he always wore a bangle bracelet, strangely enough. Sally thought he was very weird, but he always said, "My name is Jimmy John Jones. What can you expect from me?" Then Sally got another letter that said that civilization had come to an end! She was terrified, but kept a cool head and told her patient parametric. The parametric was stunned but didn't seem too worried. He just went over to his computer and typed exactly what she told him into an email. Then he sent the email with all of the information in it to his friend, who was actually the man who had killed Sally's father!!! 

Completed challenges

The following challenges were completed during the writing exercise:

Begin Start typing to begin
Event Someone has a world-changing idea
Words Reach 50 words
Prop Include a key chain
Character An ambitious inventor
Letter Use the letter U
Event A package is delivered
Words Reach 100 words
Words Reach 50 words
Words Reach 100 words
Event A death needs to be avenged
Character An adventurous bodyguard
Prop Include a bangle bracelet
Letter Use the letter J
Letter Use the letter A
Event Civilization has come to an end
Words Reach 200 words
Character A patient paramedic
Prop Include a computer
Letter Use the letter T

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