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Frozen in Time

by Anonymous | Score: 3300

"Can you pass me the drill?" I asked, holding a nail to a piece of wood. Silence followed. "Nathan?" I asked. I looked towards him, and he stood frozen. What was he doing. I stood up, and walked over to him. His eyes were open, and he wasn't moving. What was he doing?  I looked around me. What was happening. The leaves on the tree that were supposed to fall, were still in the air. It wasn't moving. Nothing was moving. What the heck is happening? I looked around me. I looked at the nail, and realized, it hadn't fallen yet. I walked over to it, and looked around me. I crouched down in front of the nail, and looked at it. It was moving, just extremely slowly. I'm so confused right now. "Nathan?" I called, but remembered he was also still. I picked up the nail, and grabbed a box of markers. I dumped out all of the markers, but the still hovered in the air, nowhere near the ground. I held my hand out, and let go of the nail. It also stayed in the air. What was happening. "How is it..." I started, but everything went back to it's normal pace, and the markers and nail fell.
"what're you doing?" Nathan asked.
I looked towards him, and said, "You're, what? How'd that..." I looked around me. I rubbed the back of my head and looked around. 
"Are you okay?" Nathan asked.
"Um, yes." I said. "I don't know," I added.
"What happened?" Nathan asked.
"Everything..." I tried to think f the right words. "Was stuck in place." 
Nathan lifted an eyebrow.
"I'm not joking. You weren't moving, the, um, markers were hovering. What is happening?" I asked, looked at Nathan. He was frozen again. I sat on the floor and waited for his to unfreeze or come back to normal.

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Character A diligent economist
Letter Use the letter G
Event Everything stops
Words Reach 100 words
Prop Include a box of markers
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