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The Return of King Sebastian

by Anonymous | Score: 1050

The symbol was everywhere.

"Over here, Inspector."

Inspector Miguel from the Lisbon Police Force tactfully walked over a couple of corpses to the young man who was under his tutelage.

"Mateo, what is it?"

"It's on the wall here behind the crates. But it's burned."

It was the same symbol scorched on the foreheads of the victims. Or should they be called potential terrorists. Various implements of explosives were scattered around. The crates held military-grade C-4 marked by Syrian addresses. But who killed them, and by what means? There were no bullet wounds, but a V shaped burn symbol with a certain crest. It looked familiar but he just couldn't place it. One of them did have a deep stab wound in the chest, and a matching one in the back, like a large

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