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The Dog

by Haig Karapetyan | Score: 850

There was once a person going to the store when he ran across a stray dog. The dogs name was Ella, she was really thirsty and hungry. Then the man went inside to buy the dog some water and food, but what he did not know is he bought cat food on accident. When he gave it to the dog the dog got very ill and felt sick and started throwing up, so the man took the dog to the vet and saw that he had many problems but with a chip in him. So the people checked to see who would leave this cute dog on the street and they saw that he had a lot of problems and called the owners. But they saw that their was a lot of money with this dog and so much money to help fix him and treat him. So the nice man called and told the owners that he would pay for everything and return the dog back to the owner.

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