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mysterious letter

by Anonymous | Score: 1300

A letter mysterious letter arrived in the mail today. It was unlike any other I had ever seen; that includes the Hogwarts letter I bought online. With a jet black envelope and gold writing, I assumed it wasn't one of mother's many bills. 
However, that wasn't the only thing that made it peculiar. Unlike the regular mail, it didn't come in the mailbox or on the front porch. I found it laying on my window sill after I returned from breakfast. I thought it was from my neighbor, Cynthia, but when I opened the envelope, the paper was bare. 
I wanted to find out more but my mother called me down to help with the dishes. Now it lays buried in one of my desk drawers while I scrub chocolate spread from a plastic plate.
I wonder what kind of letter it is. Is it invisible ink? Does it glow in the dark? There are many ways to test this mysterious letter. 
I wonder who left it. How did they know which room is mine? Did they leave it there by accident? 
I quickly washed the remaining dishes before running upstairs to uncover its secrets.

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