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Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley were about the welcome their first child into the world, they headed into the hospital where they spent a gruelling 15 hours before finally Rose Granger-Weasley was born.  Ron looked down at his wristwatch to capture the time his daughter had been born, 11:47 PM on January 19th 2005.

Timeskip lol

Rose was now 3 months old and the two new parents hadn't slept in days,  every night she would wake up at exactly 2 am and start kicking and screaming. Neither could work out why. But they had been invited on a muggle fishing trip by Arthur Weasley, Ron's dad, they accepted and left Rose with Molly, Ron's mum. 

While they were on their fishing trip suddenly an alien UFO came flying down at an inhumane speed right into the other side of the riverbank, and the top of the UFO popped open suddenly and a bunch of aliens jumped out screaming "ArgargARFaEgRSsfrt" Hermione, Ron, Arthur and all the muggle's screamed very loudly and ran and ran and ran. The aliens chased after them with weird glowing stick things which Arthur thought was very cool and turned around and stop running to ask what they were. This resulted in him being slaughtered by the green, slimy, sticky, long, skinny aliens. He screamed out In pain as everyone else ran "ARgsdeg4rDASFWTg" somehow a container of pudding was there. :)

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