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Island Summer

by Polina Akulova | Score: 850

Sir Cluck screamed loudly just outside my window. Damn that blasted bird! I thought to myself. Mom would get soo mad if she knew I was swearing, but I've learned to keep it to myself. Most of the time.
The sun was barely up, and everyone in the house was still asleep. Except Mom. She wakes up when it's still dark. She says she likes to watch the sunrise. So do I, but I'm not willing to wake up at 5:30 just to watch an orange orb roll itself into the sky.
I bounced off the bed and grabbed Bernice, the cat, who yowled loudly. My brother, Sawyer, had found her on the town street as a scrawny starving kitten with matted fur. Now Bernice was

''I have no idea,'' Mom huffed, whisking the pancake batter aggressively, ''why they couldn't call ahead of time...what, do they not know how to use a phone? Was I not clear on calling at least 24 hours before you arrive?''
That's the thing with Mom. She's the sweetest person on Earth but if something irks her, she turns into a grouch for the rest of the day.  

''Hey! Hang on, give me a sec,'' Nellie's cheerful voice rang through the old telephone. She's always soo loud, talking to her on the phone for more than five minutes hurts  Shut up! Oh. My. Gosh. There are two phones in this house, why can't you go use the other one?'' I figured that was Jane, Nellie's twin who was very standoffish yet always wanted to listen to our private conversations. ''Why are you always blaming me?
Rats, why, of all days do you have to pick on me?
Fern, so sorry, I have no other choice than to leave the house, they're all talking and Edith's blaming me for drawing the Devil on her vanity mirror with lipstick which I did, but no one knows. Oops, I think they heard me-''
''Nellie, I can't come today.'' I said quickly, cringing for the outburst that's about to come.
Here's one thing about Nellie: she'll never take no for an answer.
''Omigod, you have got to be kidding me! You know how long it took me to make these sandwiches? You wanna know? An hour! I made PBJ, Egg, Nutella, Grilled Chicken, Roast Beef...''  
I wasn't surprised that it took her this long. She's a terrible cook that totally flunked last year's Home Economics class so she probably burned everything twice before making an edible sandwich.
Here on Gardenia Hill the connection is very bad, because the cheapskate mayor (Mom says only she can call him that) didn't install any power lines near our hill, so after a few minutes of talking on the phone the other side starts sounding garbled. 
''Fine. If you can't come- wait, why can't you come?'' Nellie demanded.
I told her about the mysterious family that is coming to board at our house. Her anger quickly vanished.
''Then I'm coming here. I need to see them!''
I put the phone down.

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