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Escape with the Data into the Cold

by BML | Score: 2250

John ripped the server bank out of the housing with a slick pull. The server appeared cumbersome but John had it  wrapped into the padded the briefcase with a few slick motions.
"Where is the fail safe?" I asked.
John thumbed the back of the server housing, reaching his arm all the way back.
"Almost have it," he said.
I looked down at my equipment bag and secured the zipper as John groped the back of the housing.
"How much time do we have?"
He looked back at me like a petulant child in the back seat of a minivan. With his arm fully engulfed in the cavity of the server housing, he shifted abrubpty down and a cringe struck his face.
"Got it," he said. "Strap on the gear and let get moving."
We both donne our charcoal skiing jackets and heading toward the basement safe's escape hatch.
"I'll never understand why these idiots think it's safer to keep this important data up in the mountains than in a safe at a bank," he said.
I nodded. 
John gave me a push up the ladder and into the crawl space situated six feet above the basement's concrete, polished floor.
"Exit strategy A," John reminded me.
I grappled the bag in front of me pulling it between my legs against the sheet metal walls of the crawl way. With the outer pocket unzipped, I slipped out the router intercept. Exit strategy A was already set up.
John continued his pushing on my ski-pants. The ladder clanked and pinged aggainst itself as John pulled it up and started replacing the escape hatch door.
With the router set-up, the exit 

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Prop Include a skiing jacket
Event Important data is stolen
Letter Use the letter X

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