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Jasper's Case

by Eliza Wright Jr. | Score: 3900

"What's the case?" Jasper asked as he walked into the room.
"Another murder," muttered their CSI, Horace. He was bending over a body, using his portable x-ray to scan the corpse. Horace's apprentice, Xander, was writing something down on a notepad. 
"Anything that might help us find who did it?" Jasper asked. Xander nodded at a skiing jacket, wrapped carefully in a plastic bag. "Well, there's that."
Jasper put on some gloves and picked up the bag, observing it with trained eyes. Meanwhile, Horace handed his protege the x-ray and explained how scan properly, occasionally adjusting some knobs on the machine for him. He noticed something sticking out of the pocket of the jacket and started laughing. 
"What is it?" Horace asked, bewildered.
"You missed something incredibly obvious," Jasper replied, struggling to contain his laughter. He unzipped the bag and carefully took out a soy sauce packet, still sealed. He held it up for the two CSIs to see.
"But..." Xander said, trailing off.  "I thought I checked it thoroughly!"
"Not thoroughly enough, apparently." Jasper looked at the label, ignoring Xander's heavy sigh.
A loud noise suddenly echoed behind Jasper, and he groaned as a voice suddenly yelled, "Jasper!" 
"Mark," Jasper sighed, turning to face his friend, who was still in his uniform. He was a sport's coach at an elementary school, and took it very seriously.
"I don't have time for this, Mark," Jasper sighed, turning away from him dismissively. He clutched his stomach suddenly as a gurgling noise came from it. He moaned. "Shouldn't have had that extra pizza."
"Oh, Jasper," Mark said, grinning and slapping his friend on the back, 

Completed challenges

The following challenges were completed during the writing exercise:

Begin Start typing to begin
Words Reach 50 words
Prop Include a skiing jacket
Letter Use the letter X
Words Reach 100 words
Event Your character laughs uncontrollably
Character A warmhearted teaching assistant
Prop Include a soy sauce packet
Letter Use the letter B
Words Reach 200 words
Event Someone gets food poisoning
Character A noisy sports coach
Event A murder needs to be solved

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