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The Bank heist

by Me | Score: 2400

"Come on hurry up," yelled Bob "weave got to hurry up." Bob was out school crossing warden, but as we all know, teh school staff is sevrely underpaid so they needed a side gig, an extra way of making money. Bob and his bet friend Cheese, decided on robbing a bank. The previous day, Bob had fallen over in the bank, and Cheese had been able to steal one of teh managers keychains during teh commotion. they had planned to recah teh bank at 1 am, but beacuse of Cheese's lactose intolarnce and a tub of ice cream, it was currently 1:30 am and the bathroom was now a toxic hazard. 
"LET ME FOCUS," responeded Cheese"i dont perform well under presure." After yet another hour of areguing they were able to get Cheese out of teh bathroom and start their plan. At 2:38 am, the money heist was in play. First bob wpuld use a hammer to break teh banks windows to break ina nd then theyw ould use teh keychain to open the vault. Cheese in teh meanwhile woudl be on the lookout and prepare teh car to drive off. Bob raised his hammer and cracked teh window; he used a small ladder to climb into it and the next thing he heard was a loud alarm. he was shocked, what type of bank has alarms. he had never hejard of such a thing and rushed for teh vault. he fumbled iwth teh keys for a good 10-15 minutes to add suspense and then gave up. He tried to run back outside and find cheese, but cheese was long gone. he had left a whiel ago when he starte dto get gassy. Bob was forced to make a tactical retreat into teh sewers and woudl return home after teh police had left. He woudl return home and go back to his broiing job as a crossing warden. However, do not lose faith, for Bob and cheese will try again and next time, wont buy a jug of ice cream.

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