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Assassin's Fault

by Wolf | Score: 2600

They were dead, and they shouldn't be. I was the target, not them. They would be avenged, if only for my own peace of mine. I rode across the ferry at dawn. They would die. First I had to get rid of anyone who knew about their death. The judge, and the lawyer. Then I grabbed my knife and entered the assasin's house. You would think he would be more cautious, especially having a kid but nope. The child was at a sleep over so I entered through their room. A toy plane hung from the celing, reminding me of my own childhood, but no, I had no time to reminice. They must die, and quickly. My own time was running out. I crept into his room, and stood there, watching the assassin who was wide awake, watching me in turn, just standing there. I blinked, and blinked again, but it was my own face staring back at me. The figure was a mirror, not a person. I reflection of my own fault. I act as my own judge and jury, knowing beyond all doubt that I am guilty. their death is my fault. I take the knife out of its sheath and throw it at the mirror, shattering it into a million pieces. Seven years bad luck, not that I'll be around to see it. I bend down and pick up the knife, and inspect it. The blade is beautifully handcrafted silver. The hilt, a dragon with wings spread and rubyt eyes, blood red, like the blade will be stained with. I turned the blade on myself, fully confident in my decision, knowing it was right. Then a bang a harsh pain in my shoulder, and I drop the knife. I fall, and turnn to see that my partner, of many years, who was dead, holding the weapon preventing my demise.

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