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One Call

by Hopeless Author | Score: 4850

Amalia stared at the screen. Her eyes were so heavy and she had trouble keeping it open. She saw her keys hanging at the door and wondered if she should go out with some friends tonight. They were meeting up at the skate park and she missed the feeling of skating again. She heard her phone suddenly ring. Amalia picked up the phone and saw the caller ID saying: Adam.
Her heart skipped a beat. Adam? What was he doing calling her... at this time...?
She carefully picked up the phone and hesitantly pressed the green button and held it close to her ear.
"Hello?" Amalia softly said.
"Hey." A voice said.
"Uh, hi. Um...was there anything you needed?"
"Yeah. I wanted to donate to the fundraiser and someone told me to call you up for further info. So..."
Amalia sunk in despair. "Oh." She said, disappointed. "Sure. What did you want to know about?"
"My family wanted to donate 50 bucks to the foundation." Adam said to her.
"Wow." Amalia said.  "That's great."
"Yeah. Random question." Adam said. "What exactly are we donating it for?" He said with a chuckle.
"It's for the music class. We're trying to get a new piano and stuff like that." Amalia told him.
"That's great." Adam said to her, then Amalia heard him let out a loud groan. "Aw, man."
"A..Are you okay?" Amalia held the phone closer to her mouth.
"I'm fine. I dropped my egg all over myself." Adam muttered.
Amalia laughed out loud. "You dropped an egg? What are you doing with an egg?!"
"Eating, what else?" Adam answered her.
"It's 4 o'clock." Amalia looked at the time. "What are you eating at this time for?" 
"My parents like to eat at this time, so I took on the habit too." Adam said.
"That's nice." Amalia saw another caller ID show up on her phone. It had a picture of a turtle wearing a hat with sunglasses. "Uh-oh."
"What?" Adam asked.
"My friends calling me. I..I better hang up. B..Bye, Adam." Amalia said, then answered her friend. 
"Hey! Mals! Hurry! Which one. A slow judge or a fast racer." She asked.
"What?" Amalia said in complete confusion.
"Just choose!"
"Fast racer." Amalia shrugged thanks.

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Letter Use the letter K
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Event Your character hasn't slept in days
Event Someone falls in love
Character An enthusiastic moneylender
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Prop Include a piano
Prop Include an egg
Event Your character laughs uncontrollably
Letter Use the letter H
Words Reach 300 words
Prop Include a turtle
Character A slow judge

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