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The summer after 9th grade

by K.R.S. | Score: 4050

It started with the summer after 9th grade. One thing you should know about me is that in middle school, I was not the prettiest person. I had short hair with bangs, very ugly braces, and a very ugly fashion sense. This is usually to be said about everyone in middle school, but not my friend Vicky. My friend Vicky had gorgeous blonde hair in middle school and was one of the earliest in our grade to get her period, therefore she was the most grown out of all of us. For the longest time, Vicky was my friend and she was mine. We did everything together ever since we where young, and that was how it always was. 

Then came high school, Vicky inevitable got more and more beautiful by the day and I grew into the shadows. Different classes seperated us and Vicky slowly started to gain more and more friends, not being me. The day I finally realized Vicky and I where no longer friends was the first day of summer vacation, after we had just completed out first year of high school. 

Vicky and I where sitting in her mother car, since neither of us could drive for another year or two, and the air conditioner was blasting at the highest setting to keep away the outdoor heat. 

"Oh my God! Ava, Ava? You will not believe who I just got a text from" Vicky said. The two of us where sitting in the back seat, her mother driving the car, and Vicky's older brother in the passenger seat. 

"Who?" I asked curiously. No doubt it was one of her popular friends she made during the school year. Due to our entirely different class schedules and conflicting life outside of school Vicky and I barely saw each other the entire school year. But now it was summer, and we where headed to Cape Cod to spend an entire two weeks together and I could not be happier. 

"Jenn DeSantis!!" She said, basically screaming with excitement. 

"Whose that?" I asked, having no idea who she was talking about. 

"Oh my God, Ava, are you dumb in the head. It's the cheerleading coach at the high school and she just texted me to let me know I made the team!" Vicky explained to me. And at that second, I knew that Vicky's and I's friendship would not last the entirely of high school, and If I where completely honest, wouldn't last even this summer. I hadn't even known she was trying out for the cheerleading team before she mentioned it right now. 

I faked my happiness for her and started out the window for the rest of the car ride, 

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