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Chapple and Udix`s Story

by William Cole Johnson | Score: 850

The story begins when a Human called Chapple meets a very smart and intelligent robot his name was Udix. Udix lived on another planet that humanity has not yet discovered. Udix was going on a trip to earth where he meets Chapple. Udix was very pleased with Chapple, so Udix decided to save earth and Chapple. There was an asteroid coming toward earth, The asteroid was planned to destroy earth entirely. So Chapple showed Udix the tv. Chapple totaught Udix how to turn the tv on and off. Then when Udix turned on the tv... He saw the news.   The news broadcasted a "BREAKING NEWS" signal on the tv. Udix saw that there was a asteroid coming towards earth. Then Udix grabbed Chapple by the shoulder and rushed him to Udix`s space ship. Then Udix`s space ship launched into the air then they were in space. Udix and Chapple were floating every where because there was no gravity. Then a couple minutes later they landed on Udix`s planet. And for once and for all they were safe..

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