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Star Wars 12

by Anonymous | Score: 9400

Jessica was a short girl who was looking for love her whole life. She had a job at the zoo and she had to clean the rhino's pen. As she was cleaning another worker came to help. She looked over and was shocked by how good looking the man was. He had the most handsome face and was fit. She was frozen in disbelief. He snapped her out of it and said, "Hey, my name is Josh." She tried to speak but couldn't. She was too in love. Her face became red and she ran off. Josh stood there confused. Jessica called her dad, a quarrelsome firefighter, to pick her because she was so scared that she would see him again. Her dad  came and picked her up. As they were driving away from the zoo they heard an explosion. Jessica dropped the container of pudding she was eating and looked towards the explosion. Her dad began to drive to where the explosion came from and saw a huge fire. Apparently, someone's oven caught on fire and exploded. A stoic teaching assistant ran out of the house screaming. Jessica's father put on his outfit and ran to the house. He called for backup. As he was waiting he saw an air conditioner catch on fire. It reminded him of when him and his wife lived in a motel. The air conditioner was always super loud. But one day the air conditioner was giving off a strange aura. His wife touched it and gained superpowers. She knew she was to dangerous for this world and flew away. The father snapped out of the memory to a artistic handyman yelling at him. He was holding a computer that cane from the house and told him that backup arrived. They managed to stop the fire. A old unwilling building labourer came to thank them. Jessica then drove her tired dad home. Jessica hadn't slept in days because she couldn't stop thinking about Josh. Suddendly. she heard screaming coming from the living room. She ran out and saw that her dad was murdered. She cried and decided to solve who murdered her father. She put on a wristwatch and began her case. She asked for assistance from a diligent clerical  assistant. Her father knew the guy. Jessica decided to ask Josh for help aswell. Jessica was still worried to speak to Josh but she need to ignore that. Josh tried speaking to Jessica but was quickly interupted by a scream. They ran to a dark alley way and saw a dead woman. The woman was holding a novel. They saw a distant careets advisor run away from the crime scene. They began to chase the man. He kept running until he was stopped by a wall. They began to knock him down and imobilize him. Jesica screamed that her dad was dead because of him. But before they could report him a alarm went off. The murderer's friends robbed a bank. The murderer pushed Josh off of him and ran. He dropped a fork while running. The fork was covered in blood. They realized the man used a fork to kill the woman and it wasn'

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