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World Caves In

by Anonymous | Score: 6900

The lights are flickering. It would be beautiofu; it would be beautiful except my mom used to love storms and my mom used to hate me and I can't help thinking of that when I watch the storm outside. I think, I think it's supposed to be beautiful. i think the lightning cracking until the trees flatten themselves against the ground is supposed to be beautiful but it's not. At least, not here. Not now. I am trying to cook, a spice bottle in my hand. I know I should save it for spells; after all, I can cook anything else in the world. But I don't want to. I just, I don't want to. But my wife is here, my beautiful wife who saves lives every day and I wonder why she is still a Christian. The struggle for faith has been so hard lately, I wonder what I am fighting for. When I first told my dad I could not give him grandkids, he sat and cried and maybe questioned his faith, too. My wife wraps her arms around my waist from behind and I want so badly to tell her I love her but I can't. Because the storm is raging outside. The storm is raging and why do I care? Why does it matter? My mom is a thing of history, when I moved out, i left her behind, I left her and I left everyone behind. But it doesn't matter. The past has a way of doing that. Of following you. I scream at it to sit, to stay, but it follows. I still feel his hands on my skin and I want to scream. I want to go somewhere. I grab my keys, my body begging to leave itself, but my wife grabs my hand. She shakes her head, tells me no, I can't go. Not during this storm. Not while I'm feeling like this. And of course not while I'm feeling like this. It's impossible, I think, to want anything else in the world but death. How could you want a good future? No matter what, pain will be there. Even my therapist tells me that, even mytherapist admits that life is full of pain and there's nothing we can do about it. "Pain," she says, "is inevitable. "Suffering is not." But my wife is turning on the TV now and I'm thinking about how weird it is that my therapist has catchphrases? That's weird, right? Not a normal thing. But there is our best friend on TV, she is on TV as a zealous presenter, as a news reporter and we love her, we love her and she's on TV and she's telling us that world peace has been achieved. I ask my wife if it's real; our best friend has always been one to lie but my wife doesn't know any more than I do and I wonder if it's worth it to hope, but apparently it is. You see, world peace has been achieved. World peace has been achieved through the usage of arms. They are going to bomb each other silly, and WHY ARE WE CAUGHT IN THE CROSSFIRE? I never asked for my life to be like this and it is so unfair that it gets thrown away because they can't keep their dick in their pants long enough to see that  it is nothing more than a petty squabble in the grand scheme of things and the moon will wander where the humans have gone and I wonder if they can really destroy all of humanity if they have the jurisdiction but doesn't only God have that- who is God? Who am I? Who is Maddie? And  wish the world would turn on its axis because I don't have the time, I don't have the energy to deal with this and the world is caving in. My feet are aching, your back i pretty tight, we drunk a couple bottles babe, and set our grief aside. the paper says it's doomsday, the button has been pressed. we're gonna nuke each other up boys, till old satan stands impressed. and here it is. our final night alive. and as the earth burns to the ground. Oh God, it's you that I lie with. It's you, I watch TV with. Oh God it's y

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