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The two Stanleys

by Anonymous | Score: 4600

Once upon a time there was a lizard whose name was Stanley. Stanley liked to ride his bike and throw axes. One day when Stanley was in the woods throwing his axe, he accidentally threw it too hard and it hit into the weasel's lemonade stand (which shouldn't have been in the woods, to begin with!)

Anyway, the axe hit the lemonade stand and it made the weasel - whose name was also Stanley, by the by - very angry. As a result, Stanley said he was going to declare war upon Stanly the Lizard! Well, as you can image, Stanley the Lizard was not all that happy about this. But what can one do in a situation such as this.

So, as Stanley - the Lizard, not the Weasel - was heading home to tell his wife, an enthusiastic delivery man showed up on the trail. He had a box that was to be delivered to Stanley. So Stanley signed for the package and continued on his way home.

Once he arrived home, on teh televiuson there wa s amature presenter for some commercial that Stanley hated, so he ignored it. And this is when he opened the box and he saw that inside of it was a wishbone! And this was weird, because Stanley didn't order a wishbone. But before stanley could think more about it, his wife came in bouncing a soccer ball on her knee. She did love soccer! 

Stanley asked why his wife was with teh soccer ball. Shouldn't she be at work? Well, as it turns out, she was fired from her job for kicking the soccer ball into teh giant crystal chandelier over teh opera house stage. It broke. She was fire. And she said it was like everythign stopped! It didn't of course, because that would be breaking teh laws of physics. She did say everytihgn got very quiet, though. 

So she came home and saw Stanley. And teh wishbone. And Stranley surmised that the wishbone must have been for teh Weasel named Stanley but teh delivery guy got comfused. And he would now be fired! and would probably want to go home and wash his hands of things - using a bar of soap, of course.

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Begin Start typing to begin
Words Reach 50 words
Event War is declared
Words Reach 100 words
Letter Use the letter L
Character An enthusiastic delivery driver
Prop Include a wishbone
Words Reach 200 words
Prop Include a soccer ball
Character A mature television presenter
Event Everything stops
Event Someone loses his/her job
Words Reach 300 words

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