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The Pyromantic War

by Dawker | Score: 850

It's the year 281 of Ext al era, Drurith Empire decided to conquest more land, the great central island of Pravaha,  the importance of this island is their mine, in specific, the great Pyromancy metal mine of Crecy, The Drurith knew about it because the Vestrati King, Edward the Conqueror in 263 invaded Pravaha, and he discovered the temple of Tsi-kal the wise leader of the Jvale, a civilization that conquered the island 1300 years ago, the Jvale were ancestors of the Drurith and Edward thought that the island was his by right.

The King of Pravaha, and distant relative of the actual king of Drurith discovered the plan and inmediatly started a campaign to protect his land, recruiting all young promises with Pyromancy to protect their land.
Grand Duchy of Seacurland helped him

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