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German Mech Attack (1918)

by Ryan Williams | Score: 3500

Gripping my pistol, I began popping off shots off, working hard to defend the position we had captured. My body ached and my breaths were labored as I stared through the goggles of my mask into the green mist that surrounded me on all sides. I had to defend this sector. The rumble of a diesel engine caught my attention as there was the steady thump of heavy metal footsteps. Staring up, my eyes made contact with a massive German battle-mech approached, the gears within it's massive metal frame grinding as it belched a cloud of smoke into the air as it aimed one of the massive cannons that the metal titan carried.
It towered over me, casting a great shadow over me. I ran for cover, hiding from the machine that had infiltrated our position. I brought up my Howell Rifle and fired a short burst at the smoke spitting behemoth. The thing then began to fire its maxim machine gun, spraying our troops, bodies collapsing to the mud, their blood mixing with the wat

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Letter Use the letter H
Prop Include a bottle of syrup
Character A somber managing director
Event Your character loses a game
Event Someone wins the lottery
Character A superficial mortician
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Character A dull dentist
Event A baby cries
Prop Include a box of markers
Letter Use the letter U

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