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Eylion Island Ghost Story

by Azurys | Score: 5050

It was a rainy night. Selene and her younger brother, Erick, were sitting by the fireplace of their cozy house, listening with rapt attention to their grandfather. He was rocking back and forth in his rocking chair, reminiscing about when he was a boy.
"... and that's how I ended up trapped in the haunted temple with the Eylion Ghost," he said dramatically, layering on the suspense in his latest tale. 
"But who was the ghost?! You've got to tell us!" Erick exclaimed, jumping up and down in his excitement.
"Oh, but don't you want to hear how I got off the island?" their grandfather asked, trying to hide a smile.
"Of course, but a ghost story would be so much fun to hear! And you can tell us the other one later," Selene said urgently. "But tell us, grandpa, tell us!"
"Well, ok," their grandfather said, feigning reluctance. "I suppose there'll be time later. Now, where was I..."
"The ghost?" both children reminded him impatiently.
"Ah yes, the ghost! You see, the ghost was one from ancient legend." He leaned forward, lowering his voice dramatically. "As the tale goes, the Eylion Ghost was once a treasure hunter. He sailed to Eylion Island in order to find the mythical treasures hidden within one of the ancient temples. Once he reached the island, he took half his crew with them, leaving the other half behind to take care of the ship. His crew waited at the dock for a whole week... but he never came back.

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