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by Will Monk | Score: 6350

Jesus once ordered a package it was of a new cat onesie he had wanted since he was a child. Jesus could have never known that the onesie wouldn't show up until three weeks later than the online site said.  And instead of getting a onesie, Jesus got a new spice bottle. Jesus was very angry at the Amazon employees. After seeing their positive advertising executive, he really wanted to order a onesie from there. Jesus was so angry, so very very angry that he decided to punch their boss until his shrill cries echoed in the mist. Jesus was verrrrry angry at the Amazon employees. But nonetheless, he decided to go to Vietnam to see how the whole war thing was going. He also decided to make a few new species in Australia. Voalas. Veeenies. VVVV. Eventually, Jesus went home to his favorite bar of soap. He had named the soap after his favorite warrior in Vietnam. His name was ´A respectful Shop Assistant´ Jesus loved him. But suddenly, aliens invade. Jesus was caught with his pants down. Literally. Jesus was very angry at the Aliens for deciding the date that they would invade to be today. ¨rrgrgrgrgrgr... ¨ jesus cried loudly. Bellowing into the silence. When the wishbone shaped ship turned to look at him. then suddenly everyone on board yelled ¨jesus???¨ and they swiftly ran away. All in a days work of Jesus. Of course he still has to learn to control his temper. He now works asan artistic managing director.Jesus loves his job. Jesus will work this job until the day the business is corrupt, then he will have to die again. Such is his fatherś will. Sometimes, jesus likes to sit in silence. Just to imagine what life would be like without his father in the problem. Jesus doesn't like his father very much. He thinks God is annoying. But Jesus has to listen to the ugly fellow, Even if jesus doesn't really want to do what he says. But, only if jesus listens will God not kill him. Jesus doesn't like to be crucified. It kind of hurts a little bit. Jesus loves containers of pudding. Those are a lot more fun than dying over and over again. And even if God doesn't realize it Jesus kind of hates him with a passion, and cant wait for his plan to use an adventurous barbarian to kill him. In his sleep of cours

Completed challenges

The following challenges were completed during the writing exercise:

Begin Start typing to begin
Event A package is delivered
Letter Use the letter O
Words Reach 50 words
Prop Include a spice bottle
Character A positive advertising executive
Event A shrill cry echoes in the mist
Words Reach 100 words
Letter Use the letter V
Prop Include a bar of soap
Character A respectful shop assistant
Event Aliens invade
Words Reach 200 words
Letter Use the letter B
Prop Include a wishbone
Character An artistic managing director
Event Silence
Words Reach 300 words
Letter Use the letter Y
Prop Include a container of pudding
Words Reach 400 words

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