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Away For a Time

by E.J. Everett | Score: 5200

Elaina screamed, tears streaming down her cheeks. Her entire tribe had just been wiped out before her very eyes. A ball of flame had seemed to erupt from the sky, and as far as she knew, no one on earth had even survived. Not that it mattered if the rest of the world had died, but to her it was the end of life. Her family was dead, and that was all she could think about.
Here she was, standing alone on this mountaintop, looking out across the entire expanse of what had once been a city. Civilization had come to an end. She couldn't care less if she too were to die right now.
She looked down at the tiny plush dog she was clutching, one that her older brother Simeon had given her a year ago. It was all she had left of her family. All she had left of anything, besides the very clothes on her small body.
And then, her mind went blank. A moment of swirling lights filled her eyes, then it all stopped. She opened her eyes (she couldn't remember closing them), and saw that she was standing in the same place as when the lights had started. But she was many thousands of years in the past, when the ruins on this mountaintop had been a city.
An elderly man hurried towards her, white beard flowing, eyes spelling urgency. He beckoned her to come with him, but she didn't know if she should refuse or not. She reluctantly decided to follow him after a minute of thought, and as she hurried through the crowded marketplace after him, a little girl stopped her and offered her a banana. Elaina laughed uncontrollably.
After all she had just been through, she was being offered a banana? As she slowly took it, the girl's mother approached Elaina warily. "I am a reader of the stars," she began, respectfully keeping her distance. "I can tell you what is in your future. I can tell you what the old man is going to tell you, and more. You need only come with me."
Elaina frowned and slowly shook her head. "Thank you, madam, but I will be fine with him, I'm sure."
She hurried after the man, now only a small figure in the crowded market. She couldn't believe he was still in sight.
She tugged on her locket in consternation, wishing that things could be as they had always been: her family traveling as a nomadic tribe. But they were together.

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Prop Include a plush dog
Character A distant barbarian
Event Civilization has come to an end
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Event Your character travels into the past
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Event Your character laughs uncontrollably
Character A respectful astrologer
Prop Include a banana
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Letter Use the letter K

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