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The anonymous hooded figure

by Anonymous | Score: 10150

I was all alone, at school, not a single soul with me. Or so I thought....
I was walking in the empty hallway when I heard a banging sound coming for upstairs, so I decided to investigate it.
I went upstairs and the banging sound seemed to die down, but I didn't loose hope so quickly. I checked in every single room but there still wasn't anything. My friends always told me this story about a girl who snuck in school one day and never returned, so I wanted to see if it was true. By doing the exact same things that she did.
I found a candle in the lab and I decided to light it up, I got a handbasket that I found in the garden and went in the basement.
The basement was dark and creepy, it had a few boxes and a strong smell of dampness.
I sat in the middle of the basement and said.
"I know you're out there, I know you're here so reveal yourself and I will not fear." I said. At first nothing happened, then I heard a creaking noise from the stairs of the basement. "Hello?" I said. Then suddenly I managed to see the person. It was  a hooded figure with glowing red eyes. I started screaming. All of a sudden I felt a strong sensation. And I knew that I wasn't in the basement anymore.

I heard someone saying "RUN!". So I ran. Until.... a person grabbed me so I couldn't run anymore . They opened a door and a person said "Another person caught running" said a person with a strong voice. 
"Molto bene" said a man who clearly seemed Italian.
"Where are we?" I asked. 
"We are in a warehouse, you see, you all are trapped here and we know that you all saw the hooded figure-" said a person. 
"Who is he?" said a girl.
"That's the thing, we don't know, so let's make this deal, find the hooded figure, you are freed, Don't find the hooded figure and never return home." said the man. 
"We all know that you go to whale coast school and thus we need you all to check there" said the man.
"But what if he's not there?" I asked. 
"You all have till the end of this month at exactly 9:00pm to find him, if on one day someone finds him, they are free to go and the person is not allowed to tell the others. If you fail to find him, come back to this warehouse and try again." said the man.
"For 9 years no one has found this hooded figure, so find him and be free" said the man 

Completed challenges

The following challenges were completed during the writing exercise:

Begin Start typing to begin
Letter Use the letter W
Event Your character is all alone
Location A school
Character A grouchy barrister
Sentence "How do you take it?"
Prop Include a slipper
Words Reach 50 words
Event Your character goes blind
Letter Use the letter Z
Words Reach 100 words
Character An uncooperative bodyguard
Sentence "Never."
Prop Include a handbasket
Event Someone's dog is injured
Letter Use the letter B
Character A ferocious athlete
Sentence "Hello?"
Prop Include a comic book
Words Reach 200 words
Event Your character loses a game
Letter Use the letter I
Character A helpful driving instructor
Sentence "Run!"
Prop Include a multitool
Event An earthquake hits
Character A condescending career criminal
Letter Use the letter Y
Sentence "How do you feel?"
Prop Include a monster truck
Words Reach 300 words
Letter Use the letter T
Character An unfriendly astronomer
Event An important deal falls through

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