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The Vanishers

by Anonymous | Score: 1300

Hi, my name is Avila Knox, and I was having a wonderful dream about my future when all of a sudden, I hear a loud obnoxious noise right in my ear, I realize that it's my alarm clock and I groan while I drag myself out of bed. The minute my feet touch the floor a smell something delicious coming from downstairs. As I shake the sleepiness out of my eyes, I hear my dad calling me down for breakfast. As I begin what seems like a very long walk down the flight of stairs, I hear a thumping coming from behind me. I roll my eyes and duck quickly, but apparently not quickly enough as I feel the splash of water land on my head. "Darren!!!!!!"I yell, and my younger brother jumps a good four feet over my soaking body and lands at the bottom of the stairs. "Oops, I didn't see ya there sis". "What do you mean you didn't see me there? I was standing right in front of you" He just looks at me laugghing and turni=s and runs teh reast of 

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