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a regular morning

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"The breakfast is ready," she smiled as the voice from downstairs echoed through the house.
It felt strange, knowing somebody was finally making breakfast down there just for her. She always greatly appreciated the fact that her parents even cared enough to make her food, but it was much more reassuring to not have to share it with five other people.
She swung her legs off the side of the bed, standing up, slipping her feet into the dark blue shoes she usually wore inside; they felt as comfy as ever.
She was about to leave the room and go downstairs, when she noticed the book on her night table; it was a novel she was almost done reading now... almost.
Almost forgot it... She thought as she took it from the night table and headed out of her room, down the glass staircase.
This felt like a weirdly uninteresting morning... a pleasantly uninteresting morning. She was about to go to work, but she wasn't late, or early, she was going just on time it seemed, Elise made breakfast as usual... For some reason it seemed just a little bit more pleasant today.
Even the reserved judge on the TV Elise clearly forgot to turn off seemed like a pleasant addition to her life, even though she usually hated these types of shows. It was always just some childish looking economist arguing with some guy about...
She ignored the rest of the show, getting over to the kitchen, where Elise was already sitting at the table.
She could see her computer was open near the sink... She was so busy lately. Sarah wanted to give her a hug. She was going to... but not right now.
She truly must've been exhausted though, sitting there, pale as a ghost, with a small plate of scrambled eggs...
"Are you sure you are okay?" Sarah asked, unsure of how to not sound way too serious... Because it semed to be getting kind of serious.
"I'm just fine, don't worry about it," Elise looked up at her. In spite of how tired she seemed, she still had that bright, hopefuly glow in her eyes. Sarah loved that about her. No matter what happened, Elise was always there to get up and do what was necessary... maybe almost to a fault.
She suddenly felt a bit lazy, waking up so late... Then again, Elise didn't have to wake up so early, did she.
"Sit down, the breakfast might get cold," she sat down, hearing a baby cry somewhere behind the window... Their neighbours had a newborn recently, they invited them for a celebration... It was pretty nice.
Elise giggled.
"What's so funny?" Sarah looked over at the other girl, getting the first fork of scrambled eggs into her muth.
"Nothing, I'm just... I keep thinking about our managing director at the theatre," she chuckled again.
"He's quite the nice guy, but... There are just some things about him that really confuse me. He's so confident, I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm into him."

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Character A childish economist
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