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Ellis meets aliens

by Jek | Score: 2450

Screams rang out in the room, and Ellis shuddered. Someone pokes their head out from an office door, which was previously shrouded in shadows. A beam of light runs across the room, coming from the open door. Ellis steps backward in surprise, stumbling.
'Good sir, are you here to have your finances looked at? I am quite an enthusiastic economist!'
A squat man, skin a sickly green beamed excitedly. As Ellis's eyes adjust he sees behind the man is a clean office, full of pot plants, and bustling foyer through the glass office wall. There is a desk with a comic book on it.
'No, the fuck? Who are you?'
'Well that's quite rude, but I see you have seen through my farce, indeed I am an alien! We are here  to influence the human race, and now you must die!' 
The alien pulls a shiny gun from his side and points it at Ellis, who is promptly pissing himself. 
'Xigmorph! No!' A warmhearted careers advisor runs forward from the office foyer,  and grabs the alien's arm.
'Don't kill the human boy.'
She subtly hands him a spice bot

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Begin Start typing to begin
Event Someone cries for help
Words Reach 50 words
Words Reach 100 words
Character An enthusiastic economist
Prop Include a comic book
Event Aliens invade
Character A warmhearted careers advisor

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